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What are customers saying

I purchased the VIKING SHIP urn (originally bought the regular boat by accident, but within an hour was able to work with the seller who fixed my mistake). It's perfect--exactly what I wanted. The seller/artist not only crafts beautiful work, but is kind, quickly responsive, and clearly cares about what they do.

                               Tonja on Jan 31, 2023


 HI! The Ship arrived yesterday. And it looks absolutely beautful. Thank you! 

                                                             Jeff  Dunn

                                                         June 25, 2022                                                                                              

Product is amazing. Also well-packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Seller also customized the ship to meet m​y needs (we wanted to be able to add notes into the ship with the ashes without seeing the ashes). I won’t be using the product until this summer but I’m confident it’s going to make for a beautiful and solemn service.

Amanda March 12,2022

Yes, we received it yesterday close to noon. It was perfect. We rushed it right to town to the funeral home, hopefully pick it back up today. Thank you very much. My husband Kent and I were married in 1979 in the San Juan Islands, Washington and he leased a 32' sail boat for our honeymoon, it was so romantic. His dream was to sail around the world, that's why when we found your website I knew it was perfect.

Thank you again,

Jan (Jeannette) Oct 20, 2021

Yes it arrived yesterday and it is just as pictured and very nice.

Thank you so much for having such unique urns

Debbie Bielas Oct 23, 2021 

Maria ​on August 21, 2021​  

Excellent quality, really fast shipping, and really well-done ​packaging for safety.

Could not ask for a better experience during such a hard time.

We hope this will make for a meaningful sendoff. 

Thank you!

berkyinthegarret on Jul 26, 2021

Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.

Veronica on Dec 9, 2020

The viking ship urn, for my husband's final wishes for his ashes, is beautifully constructed and I am so pleased with it.

I asked that the ashes be transferred at the facility and the owner even commented on how well made it was. Thank you. It is has been a difficult time and the decision to use the ship urn made many decisions easier for me.

This is a beautiful, meaningful urn and you won't be disappointed with the size, quality, or construction.

Donna on Sep 24, 2020

Absolutely gorgeous Viking vessel. It is a beautiful design and good quality material. It was extremely well packaged for shipping. Arrived on time with no issues. Well worth the cost. So very very pleased!

Donna Sharp September 12,2020

The ships are PERFECT. My brother was here this morning and helped me carefully open the boxes. He was impressed! I am truly PLEASED.

I hope you have much success with your business because the ships are extraordinarily unique!

Kerri June 9, 2020

This boat is amazing. I bought it for my mother because my step father past and he was an avid sailor. It is perfect. Great quality. Came in perfect co​ndition and the seller was incredibly kind. Highly recommend.

May 22, 2020

Received it and it is beautiful. Thank you very much. We had a good cry when we opened it. I mentioned to my wife that as a boat builder, this is the first time someone built a boat for my Tio Eduardo as opposed to the other way around.

It is very fitting for his send-off on his eternal journey/sail.


Jan 20, 2020

Good evening,

I picked the boat up today and it is even better than I expected. I only partially opened the box bc I don’t want anything to happen to it since dads service is next Saturday. Thank you for making such a beautiful way for us to honor my dad.


Holly Allen

sheila on Oct 1, 2019

It was so easy to work with the shop building this ship. The ship arrived in plenty of time and it was perfect. Everyone was amazed at how it sailed out and after about 5 minutes it disappeared. Thank you so much for making my husband's farewell a memorial occasion.

Mary Barnes on Sep 22, 2019

I can not recommend this seller or any more highly. The ship was beautifully made, arrived EARLY, packed safely and nicely, and it worked exactly as written. We didn’t quite get 5 minutes of floating as the lakes were very choppy today and it was raining, but it bounded fearlessly and then made its descent. It made our ceremony so special and just perfect. Thank you so much for a beautiful product and a kind soul.

What are customers saying

August 3, 2019

I received the ship. Thank you!!! It was absolutely beautiful!❤️

Carrie Butler

July 25, 2019

Guys. The ship is gorgeous! Much better than I thought and bigger too. Fabulous job. We will have the ceremony this Friday. My husband will love it. Many thanks!

Regards Addie

May 2019

I received the companion ship urn for my parents today. I almost have no words to tell you how beautiful it is!! It is gorgeous and the heart shape decor over the door/latch brought tears to my eyes! thank you for your part in honoring two amazing people! Our trip is in October so I will keep it safe and sound until then.

Thank you!


David on Jan 19, 2019

High quality engraved nameplate that turned out beautiful. Great shop to work with, and very detailed work. Arrived promptly and well packaged, this is just what I was looking for!

David on Dec 17, 2018

Just received three very customized and lengthy nameplates for new construction. This shop was easy to deal with, very timely and responsive, provide the screws needed, and most especially - they don’t stop trying until they get it just the way you want it. These nameplates turned out beautiful, and are easy to read at a distance. Very happy with the beautiful, highly customized engraved brass plates from this quality shop.

Kristen LeFevre on Nov 25, 2018

Thank you for your care in creating this unique and carefully crafted urn that gave us an opportunity to send my father’s remains off in a way he would’ve deemed more than fitting: aboard a Viking pyre ship in miniature.

If you are looking for a way to honor the cremains of someone who loved the sea (or other body of water), look no further than this incredible shop and crafts person and his or her vessels.

July 26,2018

Yes. We picked it up yesterday. Thank you for your help. It is lovely.


Frostie Uhles on March 23, 2018


I picked up the ship today. It is absolutely beautiful. My dad would love it... it is stunning.

Frostie Uhles on March 23, 2018


I picked up the ship today. It is absolutely beautiful. My dad would love it... it is stunning.

Cassy said it's beautiful! Thank you so much for bringing some joy to my grieving friend's heart. 

Mackey Family on Jan 30, 2018

bcruz121 on Dec 5, 2017

It was beautifully engraved. Everyone loved it.

Our Testimonials

Nov. 17, 2017

Good Morning

I received the plate yesterday

It is perfect, Thank You

Thank you so much for the kind words

I pray you and yours have a good and full life


Tammy ORourke on Oct 22, 2017

These were perfect for my use. Shop extremely easy to work with. Promt, courteous and great solid quality in the plates

Amanda Mackintosh on Sep 28, 2017

Made a gorgeous statement on a guitar for a gift! Shipping was fast, product arrived beautiful.

August 2, 2017


I received the urn and I can't thank you enough. It was exactly what I envisioned and both my boyfriend and I were in tears when we saw it. Pepa was so special to us and the urn is a perfect tribute to him. Every little detail is perfect and we are so thankful to be able to remember Pepa in a special way everyday.

Thank you so much again. It means so much

to us.   


April 25, 2017

The ship just arrived in perfect condition. It is so very nice, and thank you for designing

such a special and unique urn.

Rebecca MacKenzie

Janet Buys on March 3, 2017


I'm blown away at how beautiful it is, & the launching platform is perfect! Thank you again & again!

It was an amazing day, & everyone thought the ship was perfect! Even the landing platform was perfect! I attached a picture of it going in off the pier.. incredibly touching moment.

Thank you so much! 

Michelle Speyrer on Feb. 20, 2017

I searched high and low until I found this perfect urn. Not only is it perfect, but you walked me through my order step by step and created this beautiful sailboat for me. The care in which it was packed and the speed in which it was shipped was outstanding. When I opened it I had tears in my eyes. It is absolutely breathtaking there is just no other way to describe your work of art. My father would love it and it is almost to pretty to let go of. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for creating this beautiful treasure for our family so we can send my father on his Last Sail. God bless you.

kellylehoux on Jun 1, 2016

What a phenomenal company and work of art this beautiful ship was. Not only did it exceed my expectations, but the service was above and beyond, making sure I got this on time for my family's special day. Everyone absolutely loved the ship and said how perfect it was for my fathers send off. I cannot thank Sail Ship Urns enough for helping to make my fathers memorial a truly unique and beautiful one. I highly recommend them.

charleskline21 on May 9, 2016

The personalized brass plate is the finishing touch of Sail Ship Urns' products and I was quite pleased with the one I ordered.

Bonnie Polis on Mar 22, 2016

Delivered quickly. Great memorial for my Mom.

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