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Frequent Asked Questions


Do I need to purchase an urn from a funeral home or crematorium?

-No. You can purchase an urn from anywhere.

Why use a Sail Ship Urn?

-Our biodegradable urn is also an eco-friendly urn- you are not only giving back to the environment, but will avoid scattering misfortune and will not have to pour the ashes out to sea.

How will the ashes come from the crematorium or funeral home?

-Each crematorium has their own unique way of handling the remains, but you can expect to receive the ashes in a clear, durable plastic bag inside of a cardboard box.

How do I put the cremains into the urn?

-Cremains are non-toxic and will not harm you. Once you are ready to fill the urn, remove the plastic bag of cremains from its temporary contain and place in the urn.

When we have our scattering service, will we be able to ever revisit the place where we were again?

-If you use a Scattering Service, the Captain will be able to provide you with the G.P.S. numbers. 

With that number, you can return to approximately that exact place anytime.

How long does the Sail Ship Urn take to sink?

-Our biodegradable urn is designed to descend in about five (5) minutes. It can differ somewhat.

Should the lid be sealed?

-No, if the lid is sealed it will create an air pocket and sinking would be delayed.

Could we use the sail ship urn as a burial coffin in the earth?

-Yes. Our eco-friendly urn allows you to do so, if that is what you wish. In that case,

seal the lid with silicone.

How quick will the Sail Ship Urn disintegrate?

-Our biodegradable urn is made with natural wood products an will begin to breakdown and 

become shelter to fishes an other sea life, such as leafless plants that will attach to the wood,

and be a food source as well.

Nature will take its course and our eco-friendly urn will completely blend with the

ocean's natural surroundings.

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