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Eco Friendly Urn

Captain Sail Ship Urn
Captain 2 Sail Ship Urn

Cremation is a procedure by which the decomposition of the human body over time is advanced.

If done in a dignified and meaningful way, the process can be a valuable means for those who experience the loss of a love one, and allows us to realize that death is natural.

The final arrangements of a loved one may differ. Many elements are involved, such as

memorial services, scattering services, or burials. Even though there are many options, an eco friendly urn would be an option to consider. However, remember you always have the final say.

With the introduction of global warming, we are becoming more aware of our surroundings and how we treat the environment we live in. An eco friendly urn is a great option.

When you select a Sail Ship wood cremation urn that is an eco friendly urn as well, you are making a commitment to several different facets of green living. No harmful chemicals or plastics will be released into the water, and it will decompose 100% and become one with its surrounding.

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