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Sail Ship Urns
Wood Sail Ship Urn

Why us?

With Sail Ship Urns, your family can find a unique and affordable urn that allows for your scattering service ceremony to be a memory for years to come. Because our urns are biodegradable they further serve to give back to the environment as an alternative to a traditional burial.

About Sail Ship Urns 

We would first like to extend our deepest sympathy

for your loss.

 I have been asked before how I got into the sail ship urn business: All my life I loved fishing, boating, swimming, therefore the sea has been my inspiration, and something I loved doing all my life.

I have also been handcrafting model sail ships as a hobby. 

Making things by hand has been something I enjoy. One day I created a Sail Ship Urn for myself and said, this is the ship I want my cremains to be put out to sea in." I then realized that many people might want to do the same for their loved ones. 

So here we are to provide you with a sail ship cremation urn for your scattering service: one that will allow your final goodbye to be an experience that will always be treasured.

Sail Ship Urns is focused in providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction we will do everything we can to meet your expectation.

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