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The biodegradable Viking sail ship cremation urn is handcrafted with natural wood materials such as pine and cedar sails are handmade with eco friendly paper, painted with water soluble paints and tide down  with hemp string.Each sail ship urn makes a burial on water unique. Engineered to float approximately five minutes before descending in the water.Time can differ somewhat.The biodegradable wood urn is also ideal for earth burial ormay be placed on a mantel.DON'T FORGET TO ORDER A PERSONALIZED  BRASS PLATE.DIMENSION:236; 5" X 7" X 22"Figure 1 cubic inch for 1lb of healthy body weight.Example: 236lb adult = 236 cubic inches of cremains.Made in the U.S.A.Don't forget to order your engrave brass plate.

Viking Ship Urn



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